Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello Imanians!! I'm back! I now live in Istanbul and I'm currently a student in Istanbul International Community School. I will attend Kultur 2000 in 7th grade though, and I'm very excited. Anyhow, these days, I've been watching this cartoon series called Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids. It's quite entertaining, as YouTube has been shut down in Istanbul. I can't wait till YouTube gets unblocked. A few people may think I'm immature, but I actually enjoy watching cartoons.

My Top 10 cartoon list.

1. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

2. Gravity Falls

3. Ed, Edd, and Eddy

4. Chowder

5. Camp Lazlo

6. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

7. The Garfield Show

8. The Looney Tunes Show

9. The Amazing World of Gumball

10. Courage the Cowardly Dog/My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

Byeee Imanians! Talk to you all tomorrow!  (My followers are from now on called Imanians) 

Luv you all! :3 
The logo of my new school which I will attend in September.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yummy 2 ingredient hot chocolate :) :)

Hello!! Today, I will give you the recipe of Nutella hot chocolate. Lets get started!


*1/4 cup of Nutella
*4 cups of plain milk
*Marshmallows (optional)


*Ice cream scooper
*Measuring cup
*Kitchen roll

Use your scooper to scoop the Nutella in your measuring cup until it reaches 1/2 of the cup. Pour a little bit of milk and mix with the spatula so that you can easily pour your Nutella mixture into the pot.

(2 Pour the 4 cups of milk slowly into the pot so you don't make a lot of mess.

(3 Slowly mix on medium high heat until the Nutella has melted into liquid.

(4 Put the cups on a kitchen roll

(6  Arrange your drink anyway you want, just make sure you enjoy it though!!

Thank you for reading this recipe. Check this blog every week or so to get more easy recipes! Bye!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hello!!!! Sorry that I haven't been blogging recently. It's all because I just moved to Istanbul and we have just about settled in. I will write more stories so wait!! Also (this is for my daddy) I miss you olads bubby!!! I wish we could come and visit you and I hope babajan gets much much better :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tarzena's Birthday

Tarzena woke up on a Friday morning, very happy. That was because tomorrow was her birthday. She gave out invitations for all the girls in her class."Who would want to go to the geek's party?" Sneered a haughty girl named Marian. Tarzena just sighed and went on passing the invitations. The day came which was her birthday. Only three girls named Melissa, Clarinet, and Gellete came. It was lots of fun! Tarzena was happy to find loyal friends at last!

The life of Jeremal and Marsoon

Once there were two children that were very poor and lived with their mother and father. The two children's names are  Jeremal (a boy) and Marsoon (a girl). Every day, the two went to their village's market to sell some semi valuable stones. One day, they saw a blaze from their house."Mama!! Babaa!!!" Jeremal and Marsoon shouted. After 10 minutes, their beloved house had burned to ashes, so did Jeremal and Marsoon's parents. The two children cried themselves to sleep. Jeremal woke Marsoon at the crack of dawn. '' Lets go to the Khersool Dump. I will look for semi valuable stones and you find wood for fire.'' Jeremal said to Marsoon. Both of them went to Khersool Dump. While Marsoon was looking for wood, she saw something extraordinary. "JEREMAL! LOOK! I FOUND A SACK OF EMERALDS RUBIES AND SILVER!!" Marsoon  exclaimed. That was true. The two children hurriedly took the sack of very precious jewels, and ran to the market. When they were in the market a few mean kids said to them"Give us those jewels!" Jeremal shook is head. One of the mean kids punched him in his shoulder and stole the sack of jewels. Jeremal and Marsoon's only hope to live, was gone. After a few minutes, the king of Tarxon, King Zarbixe, came to the market. He jumped off his horse to see Jeremal, who was on the ground. " I see your brother is hurt and you have been robbed."King Zarbixe said to Marsoon. " Yes sir." Marsoon replied. "Well, I have no children of my own, will you two stay with my if I help you out?'' King Zarbixe asked. Marsoon nodded happily. So then Jeremal and Marsoon went to King Zarbixe's palace. One of the king's servants brought Jeremal a icepack for his shoulder. After a few minutes, his shoulder wasn't very sore. "My queen. These two will be our children." King Zarbixe said to his wife, Queen Zarbian. Queen Zarbian smiled. "Tarbeze!" Queen Zarbian said to one of her servants,"Bring my new children some  clothes to wear. Silk for the girl and pure satin for the boy." The children introduced themselves to the king and the queen and told them about their miserable lives. About their poorness and the loss of their parents. From that day on, Marsoon and Jeremal were Princess Marsoon and Prince Jeremal. They lived happily and everyday, they thought about how luck they were. 

                             THE END!!!!!

My daily life so far.

many people say i am talkative. well, i think its better than watching R rated movies. A few of my classmates say i will never grow up, but i'm not autistic. i don't really care about those things because i talk in my own age level. when i talk about games, one of my classmates say i'm a baby. if i want to play a specific hand game (diana, read this) diana says i'm a baby. i wanted to say something back to her but i kept my mouth shut and shook my head. currently, the friends i have that i really like are mesra, yalda, eva, aisha, and sahar, that never said anything to me that hurt my feelings.sorry diana if i hurt your feelings by calling you fatty ratty, but you can say something like that to me, such as nerd or nonstop radio, but don't call me a baby. basically my life is like this: reading books, being in a lower group than my reading level, getting average grades, being obedient to my family and being called a baby.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tarzena's Bad Night/Day

"Tarzena, da nada been sevken. Bugdama,lutfet?" Tarzena's sister , Latina, said to her in the middle of the night. That meant ,"Tarzena, my teddy fell from my bunk. Please give it to me." "Latina miou tanga manga. Ta na ban shev." Tarzena replied. That meant ," Latina I just fell asleep. Get it yourself." Latina got down from her bunk and got her teddy. In a few moments, Latina was asleep. Tarzena, however, couldn't sleep. She was terribly tired but as much as she tried to sleep she couldn't. She silently said something rude about Latina. Once, she almost fell asleep , but then the bunk bed shaked. "AHHHHH!AHGARA!" Tarzena shouted. That meant,"AHHHHH!EARTHQUAKE!" Latina woke and mumbled ," Tarzena miou tena roll pa." That meant ,"Tarzena, I just rolled on the top bunk." Tarzena didn't sleep the till 8. Then the alarm on her iPod woke her up and she got so much  startled that she hit her head on the top bunk. Tarzena groaned. She wore her clothes  ate breakfast then went to school. Tarzena answered all the questions on her "all subjects" quiz incorrectly. "Tarzena, Hitler did not die because there were ants in his pants. And Scorpios' element is NOT fire. And Sponge Bob did not make the first burger." Ms.Marsipole, Tarzena's teacher said to her. When Tarzena went home , she slept at 8 o'clock. The next day she had perfect scores like always. THE END